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leafjoy® bring nature inside - Retailers Guide


Available to all customers,
standard style label included


Exclusive to IGCs,
premium label included


Exclusive to IGCs,
premium label included

See what plants are included in each of the leafjoy® selling groups- download PDF.

Why Houseplants?

Houseplants have never been hotter, yet IGCs are struggling to find clean, premium genetics in reasonable quantities to fill their displays. We’ve searched long and hard for the perfect propagator who could provide what our customers need and consumers want. By adding houseplants to our lineup, people can now garden with Proven Winners year round.

We are proud to announce our newest partner, The Plant Company, nestled in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Stuarts Draft, Virginia. Together, we are bringing over 100 varieties of premium quality houseplants to market – all backed by the Proven Winners consumer marketing program.


How Does it Work?

Our new leafjoy program will work a bit differently than our other partnerships in that The Plant Company will be delivering retail-ready plants directly to retail stores. Those who’ve already seen the product can attest to the amazing quality. These are well-grown, healthy, virus-indexed plants with a polished retail presentation. Three finished container sizes are offered (pictured at far right) and optional cache pots are available. Low single pallet minimums make these plants affordable and accessible for our IGC customers.

The leafjoy line is divided into three product groups: Premium, Boutique and Collector’s Edition. This allows retailers to offer a range of price points on classic and more rare varieties. The Premium group includes popular varieties that are available to all Proven Winners customers. The more unusual, collectable varieties that command higher retail prices are found in our Boutique and Collector’s Edition groups which are available exclusively to independent garden centers.


What Makes leafjoy® Different?

This program starts with the very best genetics available, all grown in brand new, state-of-the-art greenhouses. This controlled environment enables The Plant Company to produce higher quality, more durable plants than what retailers and consumers have come to expect from traditional houseplant suppliers.

Next, we are providing variety-specific labels with every plant shipped. You won’t find generic labels that simply state “Houseplant – for bright light” on our plants. leafjoy varieties will be clearly identified by name and photo, and proper care instructions will be included on every label. Additionally, consumers have told us they struggle with knowing the best place to grow houseplants in their homes. To address that issue, we have developed the four collections you’ll find on the next few pages: Atrium, Cocoon, SpaScene and WorkLife. Recommended lighting conditions and placement are noted for each collection to make it easy for consumers to find the plants that will be the best fit for their situation. POP is available to support each leafjoy collection.


How Do I Order?

The entire leafjoy line of houseplants can be purchased directly from The Plant Company. Four Star Greenhouse and Pleasant View Gardens will also soon be adding this line. Get started today by contacting The Plant Company at or 540-487-4043.


leafjoy® Plants, Packaging and POP

Retailers can count on the same premium quality genetics and retail presentation they’ve come to expect from all Proven Winners plants with our new leafjoy houseplant collection. These are beautifully grown and packaged plants that you will be proud to sell.

  • Sizing – To allow for flexibility in sizes and price points for retailers, our entire leafjoy line is available in three container sizes:
    - 12 cm / 4.72 in
    - 17 cm / 6.69 in
    - 21 cm / 8.27 in

  • Container Upgrade – Multiple styles of decorative cache pots are available as an upgrade to retailers looking to merchandise them alongside or package with their leafjoy plants.

  • Labels – Premium leafjoy varieties come with our standard style, variety- specific label. Boutique and Collector’s Edition varieties come with premium, variety-specific labels. (Labels are currently under development and are subject to change.)

Tag design for
Premium group
Tag design for
Boutique and Collector’s Edition group
Metal Medallion for
Collector’s Edition


Tag design for leafjoy H2O® Mini's and Bowl's


  • Supporting POP – leafjoy® posters and benchcards are now available to help retailers merchandise our new houseplants. Find them at


leafjoy H2O®Minis and leafjoy H2O® Bowls

In addition to potted plants, the leafjoy plant line also includes an innovative line of hydroponic houseplants sold as H2O Minis and H2O Bowls. No soil or fertilizer is needed – they are clean living at its finest. H2O Minis and Bowls require virtually no care other than adding a little more water about once per month when you see the container is almost empty.

They can be grown almost anywhere – on a windowsill, desk, nightstand, or anywhere else you might imagine. Plus, they make thoughtful gifts for friends and family, co-workers and teachers, whether they are a novice or experienced at growing plants.

Availability – leafjoy H2O Minis and Bowls are sold as assortments; 20 per box for Minis and 12 per box for Bowls. They ship directly to retailers on racks with variety-specific labels included. No assembly required; these plants are ready to be merchandised with leafjoy POP and kiosks. Contact The Plant Company directly to place your order. 



Leafjoy H2O® Collection
The art of growing plants in water – hydroponics – provides a way to enjoy not only the leaf canopy but also to see the plant develop in the clear glass vessel. A sense of fulfillment comes from watching the roots grow and fill the space over time, something you couldn’t see if you were growing the same plants in pots. Plus there is zero maintenance for months The H20 collection comes in two formats,
H20 Mini and H20 Bowl.





Atrium® Collection
High light plants for bright spaces
Lovers of bright, airy, south- or west-facing rooms,
these plants enjoy basking in the sun streaming in from
windows. In the summertime, take them on a siesta to
relax with you on your patio.

Cocoon® Collection
Low light plants for calming spaces
These plants are homebodies, preferring to spend
their time in the lower light levels of interior rooms or
those with smaller windows. Their sanctuary is a room
that faces north or east.

WorkLife Collection
Space-saving plants for desks, shelves & tabletops
When space and time are at a premium, choose
these low-maintenance, compact and vertical
plants to occupy just a sliver of your work desk,
bookshelf or tabletop

SpaScene® Collection
Plants for warm, humid spaces
Warm air filled with humidity keeps the leaves of these
plants looking fresh and radiant. The spa-like atmosphere
of powder rooms, sunporches or even the windowsill
behind your kitchen sink are all ideal locations.




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