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How to Choose the Perfect Houseplant

Pick your perfect houseplant

Houseplants, like people, have unique personalities and needs. Some are easy-going and can live anywhere. Some thrive on a schedule. Others are stubborn and dramatic when they don’t get their way or their water.

leafjoy® by Proven Winners understands that plants flourish when adopted by plant parents whose personalities and attentiveness align with their needs.   

Contributors: Susan Martin, Amy Buhrow

How much time do you have?

The first step in picking your perfect plant is knowing how much time and attention you can give your plant. Plants in the hydroponic leafjoy H2O® line are great for plant parents on the go.  H2O Minis and Bowls require virtually no care other than adding a little water about once per month when the container is almost empty. They can be grown nearly everywhere – on a windowsill, desk, nightstand, or anywhere else you might imagine. No soil or fertilizer is needed – they are the easiest to nurture. Plus, they make thoughtful gifts for friends and family, co-workers, and teachers, whether they are a novice or experienced at growing plants.

Where will your plant live?

If you have a little time to devote to watering and feeding, a potted leafjoy plant can add both calm and flair to your space. Matching the plant needs to where it will live is easy with the four leafjoy collections.


 Click the round stamp below to view the leafjoy plants in each collection.

These are high light plants for bright spaces. If you love the sun, plants in the atrium collection are for you. They thrive in the bright, airiness of south- or west-facing rooms. These plants enjoy basking in the sun streaming in from windows and outdoor spaces in the summertime.

Popular varieties: Chroma Tineke Rubber Plant - Ficus elastica;

Mysteria Swiss Cheese Vine – Monstera deliciosa; Prismacolor Birkin -  Philodendron hybrid; Prismacolor Lemon Lime - Philodendron hybrid; Mythic Frydek Elephant Ears – Alocasia hybrid


These plants do best in low light, calming spaces. They are homebodies, preferring to spend their time in the lower light levels of interior rooms or those with smaller windows. If your sanctuary is a room that faces north or east, you found your perfect match.

Popular varieties: Mythic Nessie Alocasia Polly – Alocasia x amazonica; Color Full Lancifolia Rattlesnake Plant – Calathea lancifolia; Tattoo Princess Autograph Tree – Clusia rosea; Living Lace Hurricane Japanese Bird’s Nest Fern – Asplenium antiquum; Beautifall N’Joy Pothos – Epipremnum aureum


SpaScence plants want warm, humid spaces. The humidity will keep not only your skin hydrated and glowing but also the leaves of these plants looking fresh and radiant. The spa-like atmosphere of powder rooms, sunporches or even the windowsill behind your kitchen sink are all ideal locations for plants in this collection.

Popular varieties: Mythic Black Velvet Jewel Alocasia – Alocasia reginula; Color Full Sanderiana Pinstripe Calathea – Calathea ornate; Living Lace Leslie Japanese Bird’s Nest Fern – Asplenium antiquum; Sweet Dreams Exotica Never Never Plant – Ctenanthe setosa; Prismacolor Congo Apple - Philodendron hybrid


Worklife plants love small spaces. These low-maintenance, compact, and vertical plants can occupy just a sliver of your work desk, bookshelf, or tabletop. If you like the comfort and coziness of being tucked away, you’ll understand why they do too.  

Popular varieties: Mythic Bambino Jewel Alocasia – Alocasia x amazonica; Color Full Mythic Peacock Plant – Calathea makoyana; Beautifall Hawaiian Pothos – Epipremnum aureum; Bambino Dwarf Fiddle Leaf Fig – Ficus lyrate; Cling-On Samantha Weeping Fig – Ficus Benjamina

A plant for every parent
The leafjoy by Proven Winners houseplant line includes 120 sought-after varieties. Learn more about the unique needs of each at

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